Bicycle Accident lawyer

Every year, thousands of cyclists are seriously injured or killed while riding their bike.  The emotional and financial trauma that a victim endures following a bicycle accident can be devastating.   In Rhode Island and Massachusetts, the law affords you a remedy to bring a claim against the negligent party for causing your bicycle accident so you can be compensated for your damages.  Victims should know their rights in order to get compensation for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering and other losses.  Providence and Boston personal injury lawyers at Barsom Law Group can help.  Contact Barsom Law Group to discuss your rights in Rhode Island and Massachusetts regarding a bicycle accident. 

Common causes of bicycle accidents are:

  • · Drivers failing to look for bicycles when turning from a parking lot or a driveway

  • · Parked drivers who open car doors without looking for approaching bicycles

  • · Failing to yield for bicycles in a crosswalk or yielding in a right of way

  • · A speeding car that buzzes a bicycles which causes the rider to lose balance and control of their bike.

Injuries can include:

  • · Minor cuts and scraps

  • · Bruises

  • · Brain injuries

  • · Broken bones

  • · Spinal cord damage

  • · Death

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