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Rhode Island is the Ocean State and is the home to many recreational boating and commercial fishing.  Boating accidents occur frequently in the Ocean State due to many different factors.  Boat accidents may occur in the bay, on lakes, or even out at sea. Some accidents may be minor, however, other can result in serious bodily injury, drowning, or death.

While each case is different, recovering from a boating accident can be challenging due to trauma, physical pain and suffering and ever mounting medical bills.  Our personal injury attorneys are dedicated to your claim so that you can devote your time on receiving the proper medical care to ensure a quick recovery.   

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 What are the statistics for boating accidents?

In 2017, the United States Coast Guard counted approximately 4,291 accidents, 658 of those resulted in death and 2,629 resulted in injuries  and as a result those accidents caused $46 million in property damage.  The fatality rate averaged at 5.5 deaths per 100,000 registered recreational vessels.  

According to the Coast Guard, 76% of deaths were caused by drowning and 84.5% of those victims were not wearing a life jacket. The Coast Guard estimates that 80% of drownings occur on vessels that are 21 feet or less in length.

What are the top 5 causes of Rhode Island Boating Accidents?

  1. Alcohol use

  2. Operator inattention

  3. Improper lookout

  4. Operator inexperience

  5. Machinery failure

Alcohol use was the leading cause of fatal boating accidents that involved vessels of the following type: open motorboats, personal watercrafts and cabin motorboats. Collision with another recreational vessel was ranked first for number of accidents and fourth for number of deaths. Collision with fixed objects such as buoys and docks were the second highest number of accidents.

Does Rhode Island require a safety course?

Rhode Island mandates that young boaters as well as individuals that will be operating a motor vessel such as a jet ski or other recreational vessel to take a boating safety course. The course covers a host of topics that include safety such as the proper use of life jackets and flotation devices.  This safety course could be the difference between life and death while operating a recreational boat. 

Rhode Island Boating Accident Lawyer

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