Providence and Boston Bus Accident Lawyers

In recent years more and more individuals in Rhode Island and Massachusetts are using public transportation, such as buses, as an alternative method of commuting.  AS more and more people uses buses or other public transportation, the number of individuals getting injured will likely increase. 

If you or someone you know has been injured or killed in a bus accident in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, contact the lawyers at Barsom Law Group to get a free consultation on your rights regarding a bus accident.  Motor vehicle accidents can get complicated, but bus accidents can certainly get more complex because of the entities that are involved.  In certain cases pursuing a claim against a city or county or even government maybe in order as is against a private business.  Talking with the lawyers at Barsom Law Group can help shed light on the issues involved and learning your rights. 

At Barsom Law Group we are dedicated to helping our clients get the best possible medical care and justice they deserve through compensation for their injuries.  We will evaluate all the facts and circumstances surrounding your case and determine the appropriate amount of damages based on you pain and suffering as well as present and long term medical care as a result of the accident.  The attorneys at Barsom Law Group are zealous advocates that will fight the insurance companies on your behalf to ensure you are compensated for your damages. 

There are a host of reasons why public transit buses, tour buses, and other private buses get into accidents.  A bus driver maybe distracted by something such as a cell phone, or they maybe operating under the influence of substance.  Or it maybe that buses were not properly maintained by the entities that own them.  There are many other factors that can lead to an accident aside from the ones listed.

Following any accident a victim should always seek medical care even if the injuries are minor.   Usually, as time passes more injuries, such as back or neck stiffness, will ensue and in other cases there can be more serious injuries that ensue.  Additionally, it is important to speak with a Rhode Island bus accident attorney.  The bus accident lawyers at Barsom Law Group can help guide you with your medical needs and with filing your claim.  It is important to act quickly in a bus accident because of the statute of limitation.  Call the Providence and Boston bus accident lawyers at Barsom Law Group today for a no obligation free consultation to discuss your rights.

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