Business & Corporate Law

At Barsom Law Group, we offer a range of solution from business transactions to litigation representation.  We help our business clients identify risks and protect their interest in various aspects of business law.  We merge our knowledge of drafting legal documents with our experience in litigation to provide exacting advice to our business clients.   Our knowledge of both transaction and litigation areas of the law is important to help clients mitigate business risks. 

We pride ourselves on a modern approach to the practice of business law.  Our lean approach takes the full breadth and width of leading technology to reduce expenses while maintaining our highest priority goal of delivering exceptional legal representation.  We strive to provide the best representation at a cost effective price with flexibility in the pricing models for our transactional and litigation services, including contingency-based litigation.  This flexibility allows our clients to retain legal services while making the necessary goals to grow their business. 

If you are going through a new formation or a dissolution, or if you are involved in a business dispute, you can benefit from getting skilled legal counsel.  Based in Providence, Rhode Island, Barsom Law Group offers guidance to business owners throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  Business cycles can pose complexities that can be overwhelming and you may not expect.  The Business lawyers at Barsom Law Group can help you navigate the obstacles while protecting your assets.

Advising Entrepreneurs and Start-ups Throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts

 The Rhode Island and Massachusetts business lawyers at Barsom Law Group provide a range of legal services to individuals involved in corporate formation, including but not limited to the following:

  • Choosing the Appropriate Business Structure, i.e. limited partnerships, Limited liability companies, S or C corporation.
  • Drafting and filing formation documents, i.e. reserving company name, choosing agent for service of process, filing incorporation documents, obtaining Tax ID number.
  • Drafting Corporate Operating Documents, i.e. company bylaws, shareholder agreements, LLC operating agreements, partnership agreements, buy-sell agreements, stock purchase agreements, employment agreements.
  • Advising on corporate governance, i.e. formation of corporate or advisory board, conducting shareholder and board meetings.
  • Advising on Employment and Independent contractor issues, i.e. drafting employment policies and handbook, employment agreements, employee vs independent contractor.
  • Drafting of company contracts, i.e. vendor, customer and business partner agreements, licenses, website policies and terms.
  • Intellectual Property, i.e. filing copyright, trademark, licensing.