Head-on Collision

Providence and Boston Head-on Collision Lawyers

Head-on collisions are some of most dangerous and deadly accidents on the road.   Serious or even fatal injuries can result and recovery may take a long time.  Providence and Boston car accident attorneys at Barsom Law Group understand the ordeal that families go through when a loved one is involved in one of these accidents in Rhode Island or Massachusetts.  We are dedicated in helping our clients deal with doctors, hospitals and insurance companies so that our clients can focus on their health. 

Providence and Boston Lawyers for serious car accidents

The attorneys at Barsom Law Group are dedicated to providing compassionate and effective representation to accidents victims throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  We will ensure you are getting the necessary medical treatment so you can regain your health by helping you deal with doctors, hospitals, medical billing, insurance companies and their attorneys.  

Head on collisions usually result when a driver fails to stay in their lane and enter the lane your traveling in.  Head on crashes can also result from a driver driving down a one way on a street, highway or exist ramp.  Other causes include drunk driver or driving under the influence of drugs. 

The attorneys at Barsom Law Group will fight zealously for your rights by investing the causes of your accident.  Identify all the possible defendants will help maximize your compensation allowed under the law. 

If you or anyone you know is dealing with a Rhode Island or Massachusetts car accident, contact Providence and Boston based personal injury lawyers at Barsom Law Group.  The personal injury and wrongful death lawyers at Barsom Law Group will provide you with a free consultation to assess your rights. 

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