Hit and Run Car Accident 

Hit-and-Run accidents can be some of the worst accidents that a victim has to deal with.  Victims can include pedestrians and/or cyclists, and serious or fatal bodily injuries can result from a hit-and-run accident.  As a result of a hit-and-run accident, victims are left with no one to blame or to pay for medical expense, property repair and lost wages.

Hire a Hit and Run Lawyer in Providence and Boston

Barsom Law Group helps hit and run accident victims in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  The attorneys at Barsom Law Group are dedicated to fighting for the rights of hit and run accident victims.  As a result of a hit and run accident, seeking a lawyer for legal representation is important.  Drivers flee the scene of an accident for a host of reasons and some include:

  • ·      Driver was intoxicated
  • ·      Driver had unlicensed/suspended/revoked license
  • ·      Driver had no insurance
  • ·      Driver was illegal or had a warrant for their arrest
  • ·      Driver was in possession of a stolen vehicle
  • ·      Driver was underage

It is illegal in Rhode and Massachusetts to leave the scene of a car accident, even if no injury results from the accident.  You are obligated to report an accident and wait to for the police to arrive and file a report.  It is also important to try to obtain as much information about the other car as possible, such taking the license plate of the car and make and model.  If the driver is located a claim can be filed against their insurance company.  However, if the driver is not located a claim maybe filed against other insurance policies in effect in the household, or a claim maybe filed against your own insurance carrier or other at fault defendants. 

If you or anyone you know is involved in a hit and run accident in Providence, Boston, or anywhere in Rhode Island and Massachusetts,  the hit and run and wrongful death attorneys at Barsom Law Group can help with your claim. 

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