Immediate Relative Immigration 


An immediate relative visa provides family unity by allowing an individual’s relative to permanently live in the United States.

Immediate relative visas refer to the immigration of individuals who are:

·      Spouses;

·      Children under 21 years old;

·      Adopted orphans; or

·      Parents

 of United States citizens who are at least 21 years old.  The United States does not set any limits on the number of Immediate Relatives visas it will grant in a given year.

Immediate relative immigration allows Rhode Island applicants to have special priority in the process; they will not have to wait for a visa.

The Barsom Law Group proudly offers immediate relative immigration assistance in Rhode Island and surrounding states. We will help you fill out the necessary documentation so that you and your relatives achieve permanent residency in the United States. Speak with one of our experienced lawyers today to retrieve an immediate relative visa.

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