Immigration Law

U.S. immigration law is complex and retaining an attorney can assist you in navigating the process. As you are searching for immigration lawyers in Rhode Island or Boston, consider speaking with Barsom Law Group. We provide immediate attention to our clients to ensure that every petition is prepared with exacting detail.

An immigration attorney from Rhode Island’s Barsom Law Group does more than fill out immigration forms.  Some immigration applicants do not realize how complex the issues are until it’s too late and ruin or severely delay their cases by handling things themselves.  It is always more efficient and effective, both in time and cost, to hire an immigration attorney to handle your case from the start. If you are looking for a talented immigration attorney in Providence, RI, call Barsom Law Group.

With immigration issues, often there are no second chances.  Our immigration attorneys in Rhode Island & Boston understand the complexities of immigration law and how those laws will be applied to your specific case.  From our initial consultation we start to prepare you for your case.  Immigration forms rarely explain potential issues that may arise during the process or problems, but we do.

We are truly a multicultural organization, founded by an immigrant, and our staff is able to assist our clients in a host of different languages.  We take pride and joy in helping individuals and businesses succeed by connecting them with the right immigration programs based on their needs and circumstances. Offering global solutions, our clientele can select from a range of immigration options. 

Barsom Law Group is committed to simplifying this process for our clients.  As a firm built on word of mouth and client recommendations, our Rhode Island immigration lawyers take pride in our strong ties to international organizations, international businesses, and community groups.   Schedule a consultation today to talk with a Boston & Providence immigration lawyer at Barsom Law Group to discuss which options are right for you.


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