L1 Visa Lawyer For Intercompany Transfers 


L-1 visas allow U.S. employers to transfer foreign executives, managers, or other employees with specialized knowledge within the same company. The L-1A classifications does not require that the foreign company have an established affiliation with an office in the United States, but permits the foreign executive or manager to come to the United States with the purpose of establishing one. To qualify for an L-1 classification, employers must show a “qualifying relationship” with a foreign company or affiliate with which they currently conduct or plan to do business. Although this visa does not require proof of “international trade,” employers must still demonstrate a true business relationship evidenced by a consistent “provision of goods or services” through a qualifying foreign organization.

Hiring an Immigration Attorney to Assist in Your Adjustment of Status Matter

Applying for an L-1A Visa in Rhode Island, Boston, or New York can seem overwhelming, given the complexities of the procedures, the exact legal status of a non–permanent United States resident and the documentation requirements.

Unless a person seeking an adjustment of status is prepared to educate themselves on the detailed nature of becoming a permanent resident, their best option may be to hire a qualified immigration attorney. Our L1 visa lawyer can go through the requirements for Rhode Island, Boston, and New York applicants. They can also do all the necessary work to make sure that the process runs smoothly and that the legal requirements are met without undue delay or confusion.

If you or someone you know is interested in obtaining an L-1 Visa, Providence and Boston, immigration attorney George Barsom of the Barsom Law Group can help.  Furthermore, because immigration law is federal law, he can help residents living in any U.S state, including Rhode Island and Massachusetts, meet the L-1A visa requirements.

Mr. Barsom is fluent in Arabic and the Barsom Law Group has access to L1 visa attorneys who are fluent in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. 

The Barsom Law Group can give you and your family members peace of mind in undertaking this difficult and potentially frustrating and time-consuming task. Once hired, the Barsom Law Group will take over the application process from beginning to end, keeping clients informed, and taking the stress out of the process. If you need assistance completing an L-1A visa, contact Rhode Island’s Barsom Law Group.

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