As an innovative law firm utilizing cutting-edge technology, diverse experience, skills, knowledge and a network of seasoned professionals, Barsom Law Group provides clients with unparalleled legal and business solutions in, Corporate, Complex Business & Civil Litigation, Immigration, Real Estate and Strategic Business Consulting.

We are committed counsellors and advocates with an expansive yet grounded business background and a vision aligned with entrepreneurial endeavors. We decisively promote our clients’ interests in both the boardroom and the courtroom. Bringing to bear the breadth and width of our innovative business and legal problem-solving skills, Barsom Law Group guides clients in navigating the formidable challenges necessary to expand cross border business ventures, preserve assets, organize new enterprises, and vindicate legal rights. With global access to a team of seasoned professionals, our clients can be assured that their worldwide interests are advanced to the highest possible standard. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you to ensure a highly individualized and specialized execution plan to conquer your challenges.