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One of the most common car accidents, rear end collisions, which can be minor in certain cases, can result in serious bodily injury.  The Attorneys at Providence based Barsom Law Group are dedicated to helping victims of rear end collisions regardless of how minor the injuries are.  They are also dedicated to helping victims recover losses through serious bodily injury and/or wrongful death claims.

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A common reason for a rear end collision to occur is due to the fact the negligent driver was not maintaining a safe distance behind your vehicle, technically called tailgating.  Couple this with other traffic violations such as speeding or getting distracted by using a cell phone, the result will be a rear end collision.   To assert your legal right against a driver who rear-ended you, you must establish negligence. 

To prove negligence, the victim needs to provide evidence that the at fault driver failed to adhere to traffic laws and act as a reasonable driver.  Most drivers act reasonably to obey traffic laws while operating a motor vehicle.  The victim, once they prove negligence, has to prove that the negligence caused the bodily injury.  The victim must prove both elements and if he fails to do so the defendant may not be held liable for damages and such will not have to pay.

Rhode Island statutes allow a defendant to procure evidence that the plaintiff’s own negligence was a factor for their injuries.  Finally the plaintiff needs to determine the amount of damages that they are entitled to.  The plaintiff has to provide medical bills, lost wages, and future financial damages.  As such victims should maintain a log of all expenses incurred due to an accident and injuries sustained.

Providence and Boston Neck, Back and whiplash accident

If you have sustained a neck, back or whiplash injury from a rear end accident or from any other accident contact Providence and Boston based Barsom Law Group where an attorney can assist you with evaluating your rights. Neck, Back and whiplash are a serious condition which in certain cases maybe life long.  If you or anyone you know is dealing with a car accident in Rhode Island or Massachusetts contact the attorneys at Barsom Law Group.

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