Truck Accident

An accident involving a Commercial Trucks/18 wheelers/Big rigs can result in serious bodily injury or even death.  The firms that own these vehicles have a lot at stake because they stand to lose millions in damages and as such will have a team of investigators to sift through the evidence in order to extract details in their favor. 

The Lawyers at Barsom Law Group can help you with your claim against a trucking company.  We urge victims to consult an attorney immediately following a crash so that the attorney can commence an investigation with your interest in mind.  This is essential because evidence can be lost or destroyed.  Our team will investigate the circumstances of the accident and determine if there is negligence on part of the driver, employer or owner of the company. 

Example of negligence that results in a Rhode Island and Massachusetts trucking accident


  • ·      Equipment failure
  • ·      Driver fatigue
  • ·      Negligent maintenance
  • ·      Overloaded truck
  • ·      Distracted driver
  • ·      Speeding
  • ·      Negligent hiring practices
  • ·      Breach of a federal law

Size matters, and some of these trucks, whether a garbage truck, 18 wheeler or delivery truck, can weight up to 80,000 lbs and when they collide with your car, the damage can be very catastrophic.

If you are involved in an a crash with a truck you should obtain an attorney immediately to discuss your rights.  Trucking companies will reach out to you immediately and offer you a low offer to settle your claim and release them from liability.  They are hoping you will accept a low offer in a time when you are vulnerable.  In most cases the amount you maybe entitled to can exceed an initial offer.  Along with medical expenses, damages can include:

  • ·      Lost wages
  • ·      Diminished earning capacity
  • ·      Pain suffering
  • ·      Loss of life enjoyment
  • ·      Pain and suffering
  • ·      Funeral expenses
  • ·      Property damage recovery

In certain cases victims can recover punitive damages, which can triple the potential recovery.  Punitive damages are awarded when a trucking company’s actions were egregious.  An example would be a company ignoring federal regulations and force drivers to falsify delivery logs to beat the competitor’s delivery times.  An argument can be made that this action was know to cause serious injury or death to other motorists.

If the victim survives, they may still suffer injuries such as:

  • ·      Severed limbs
  • ·      Traumatic brain injury
  • ·      Spinal cord injury
  • ·      Broken bones
  • ·      Permanent scarring
  • ·      Internal injuries

These injuries can require ongoing treatments such as surgery, medication, physical therapy and rehabilitation, which can be costly.  Some victims may never fully recover to be exactly the same as if they were before the accident. 

Contact the lawyers at Barsom Law Group, based in Providence and Boston,  to help you evaluate your rights and to make sure you receive a just compensation.

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